Original Boat – classic cleaner

‘- Multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser for your boat

– Cleans thoroughly, rejuvenates

– Easy to use

– Totally versatile

– Efficient on most surfaces.



Ref. Volume Use
68790 1L Concentrate to be diluted
68789 5L Concentrate to be diluted
68791 750 mL Ready to use


Widely acclaimed by the car industry for their outstanding efficiency, ABNET products come in a marine version under the brand Original Boat.Presented as a higly concentrated formula, Orignal Boat cleaners must be diluted in water and sprayed or applied with a sponge on indoor or outdoor surfaces, in the engine room, in the bilge, on fenders…Available in 1L bottle or 5L drum (concentrate to be diluted) or 750 mL ready to use spray, this product has many assets :- adapted to indoor & outdoor- adapted to engine- wax, silicon and solvent free- made in FranceOther Original Boat products are available : hull cleaner/brightener and Bio’Clean line.