Motor spray paints

The Seatouch touch-up paints provide efficient protection to your motor-outboard or in-board- restore it to like-new appearance and prolong the motor lifetime. Never apply on the immersed part of the engine if you plan to apply Plastimo 1.4 antifouling at a later stage.

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Model Engine Ref. Colour
Evinrude blue (95+) Outboard 59338
Caterpillar yellow Inboard 59344
GM metallic grey Outboard 59340
Honda grey (88+) Outboard 18317
Johnson white (72+) Outboard 18300
Johnson white (91+) Outboard 18303
Mariner metallic grey (86+) Outboard 18305
Mercury metallic black Outboard 59342
Suzuki metallic grey (91+) Outboard 59343
Yamaha metallic grey/blue (94+) Outboard 29456
Nanni metallic blue Inboard 59345
Perkins blue (83+) Inboard 18323
Perkins blue (87+) Inboard 18324
Volvo Duo Prop grey base Inboard 59351
Volvo aqua red (72+) Inboard 59346
Volvo aqua green (72+) Inboard 18328
Volvo Penta green Inboard 59347
Yanmar metallic green (74 to 86) Inboard 18329
Yanmar metallic grey (87+) Inboard 18330
59348 RAL 9010 glossy white
59349 RAL 3001 signal red (signalling and safety)


The Seatouch range of spray paints has been specially designed to withstand the harsh marine environment. Large motors can be painted with Seatouch sprays, containing 400 ml. Specific features of Seatouch spray paints are : Large area coverage : 400 ml cover 1.5 to 2 sq.m. Perfect gloss. “quick-dry” (motor can be used after 20 min., in a 20°C environment). Excellent compatibility (cellulosic, acrylic, polyurethane base paints).