Antifouling can only operate in optimum conditions if it adheres perfectly to the surface and if the finish quality is totally smooth. Plastimo proposes two primers to suit all types of substrates and all surface conditions.

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Ref. Description Colour Capacity
54872 Underwater primer Silver grey 0.75 L
54873 Underwater primer Silver grey 2.5 L
54874 Epoxy primer Silver grey 1 L


Epoxy Underwater
Features and recommented use Use below and above waterline. High performance protection of all rigid surfaces + protection from abuse and abrasion. Use below waterline. Acts as an insulation coat between two different paints. Improves adhesion on a surface with a previous coat or on an antifouling in poor condition.
Polyester ✓✓ ✓✓
Wood NO ✓✓
Steel / Ferro cement ✓✓
Osmosis prevention NO

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