Tethers with premium aluminium safety hook

Plastimo tethers with premium aluminium safety hook(s).
Robust safety hook with safety bar. Superfast opening and closing in a single action.
Polyester flexible tethers with retro-reflective thread to optimize visibility at night. Flat, elastic or double – 23 mm width – version.
Strain indicator.
ISO12401 certified.
Supplied in a mesh bag.

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Ref. Type of tethers Number of hooks Length Weight
66866 elastic 1 1 m extends to 1.5 m 215g
66867 elastic 2 1 m extends to 1.5 m 349g
66842 double, RORC-OSR 2018 compliant 3 1 m flat line + 1 m extends to 1.5 m 515g


Premium aluminium safety hookOpening: 22 mm.Weight of the hook: 130g.RORC-OSR 2018 compliant. Included in the Bénéteau Figaro 3 safety pack.Meets RORC-OSR specificationsWhen the tether is submitted to heavy load (ex. man over board), the strain indicator exposes a label indicating that tether should be replaced.