Pilot Fishing lifejacket

Designed for fishing enthusiasts and for shellfish or fishfarming professionals, who require a lightweight safety equipment, non obstrusive and comfortable to wear.

  • Buoyancy : rated 150 N, actual buoyancy 165 N.
  • Self-righting capacity : turns most wearers face up within 5 seconds, even unconscious.
  • Inflation : CO² gas cylinder, 33 g.
  • Tube for oral inflation, with non-return valve.
  • Green outer cover, very easy to keep up and clean.


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Ref. Inflation system
63760 Pilot Fishing, automatic


Recommended useFishing: sea, lake or river, whether on foot or in a boat.Shellfish and fish farming activities.Inflation AutomaticAir chamber Totally independent air chamber, efficiently protected by the outer shell.Visibility when inflatedYellow chamber, 300 cm² retro-reflecting stripes.Back strap Improved comfort and better body fit.25 mm wide polypropylene webbing.Waist strap40 mm wide adjustable polypropylene webbing.Buckles Buckles in composite material.Grab loopFacilitates grabbing the person and hoisting out of the water.25 mm wide polypropylene webbing.Whistle with lanyardP