Offshore 95 compass

Powerboats 6 to 10 m (19 to 33 ft).

• Flushmount on horizontal dashboard : compact design, interchangeable with Offshore 90 and most compasses of equivalent size.
• Bracket : broad and sturdy bracket base absorbs vibrations. Mounting can be done whatever the angle, provided that the compass and card unit remain horizontal at all times. Bracket-mount compass can also be removed when fitted with clip-plate.



Mounting Colour Card Ref.
Flushmount BLACK Black flat card 65732
Flushmount BLACK Black conical card 65733
Flushmount WHITE Black flat card 65736
Flushmount WHITE Black conical card 65737
Flushmount WHITE White conical card 65738
Bracket BLACK Black flat card 65734
Bracket BLACK Black conical card 65735
Bracket WHITE Black flat card 65739
Bracket WHITE Black conical card 65740
Bracket WHITE White conical card 65741
World balance, one single compass around the world.Double-dip compass designed to operate accurately in both Northern and Southern hemispheres.


CardOutstanding legibility under all weather and light conditions for optimum comfort and accurate readings.• Perfect stability of conical or flat card, 81 mm apparent diameter.• Graduation every 5°.Materials• All parts fully UV-ray treated.• Scratch resistant dome.

Boat size Powerboats of 6 to 10 m (19-33 ft).
Compass card Conical or flat card graduated every 5°, apparent Ø 81 mm.Heading numerals every 30°
  • Flushmount, on horizontal surface or dashboard.
  • With a bracket : mounted on a horizontal or inclined dashboard. Compass is removable thanks to clip-plate.
Resistance to vibrations and hull pounding Magnetic cell equipped with the unique “Vibration Absorber” system.
Lubber line 1 lubber line, red for instant recognition.
Compensation Supplied as standard
Lighting 12-24 V LED, included.
Supplied with Clip-plate, screws, drilling template.
Approval/homologation ISO 613 compliant