Nova BLE

Control your lights from your smartphone!

Båtsystem’s new addition to the popular Nova-family is a spotlight controlled from your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can easily set the desired mode onboard by simply adjust the color temperature and intensity in the app – ranging from bright, cool white to a cozier warmer, golden light.

The new spotlight has the same looks and size as the popular Nova, which makes it easy to change from the existing light to the new smart light. It also has a memory function which means it retains preset settings and reboots accordingly. Choose temperature and brightness and get back to it instantly as soon as you switch the light on again.

The new Nova is available in the same colors as the existing model. Connect up to 8 units.

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Light Soruce LED
Volt 12V
Power 2w
Lumen 200lm
CRI 90
IP 54
Dimmable Yes
Kelvin 1800-6500
Switch No