G 560

Hydraulic crane for flybridge.

Hydraulic crane with telescopic extension with very clean lines and easy to install. The lifting capacity is 560 kg with a rotation of 180 ° ÷ 270 °and a cable length of 6.4 meters. The solid steel structure is powder coated to better match the flybridge design. The water resistant push-button panel with spiral cable guarantees maximum safety during the load handling phases.

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Lifting capacity 560 kg

Lifting capacity 560 kg

• Hydraulic crane with telescopic boom• Lifting Capacity 560 kg• Powder coated steel structure• Hydraulic movement for rotation,boom extension, luffi ng and hoisting cable• Slewing 180° ÷ 270°• Counterweight with rubber inserts for cable tension• Manual retaining system for cable weight whilst cruising• Water resistant handheld wired control• Manual pump for emergency.