Boss Anchor

The Manson Boss is a truly multi-purpose anchor. It was designed to have the same instant setting and high-holding power of the Manson Supreme, but to also fit the bow-rollers on motorboats. This new generation anchor operates in all seabeds, the sliding and fixed shank design ensures easy setting and retrieving, regardless of the conditions and your surroundings.

The Manson Boss Anchor gives you and your family the reassurance they need to sleep well while at anchor in unfamiliar places. This is a safe and reliable choice, used by thousands of boaties around the world. The Manson Boss really does perform like the Boss! Available in galvanised steel, black painted steel or exquisitely polished stainless steel.



1. Fits all standard bow-rollers, designed specifically for powerboats

2. Angled winglets dig the anchor into the seabed for immediate alignment and setting

3. Reinforced double-skinned laminated toe, strengthens the forward section of the anchor when it attacks the seabed

4. The anchor presses the concave shape into the fluke, ensuring the anchor cups the seabed and sets much faster

5. Raised trim flaps improve the holding power by forcing the flukes downwards creating a 28% deeper setting than other new-generation anchors

6. Manson Shackle PreventorTM has one slot in the shank with two docking stations for use in all sea- beds. It quickly unscrews and docks on the alternate station to transform the anchor from a fixed shank to a sliding shank for operation in foul ground

7. Dual modes of operation in one slotted shank. The shank clearance is streamlined to conform to power- boat fairleads and bow rollers

8. High tensile steel shank made from 800mpa steel.



  • 5lbs
  • 10lbs
  • 15lbs
  • 25lbs
  • 35lbs
  • 45lbs
  • 60lbs
  • 80lbs
  • 100lbs
  • 125lbs
  • 150lbs