Telescopic IOR dan buoy

Ergonomic design and superior stability.
Complies with the ISAF/ORC racing regulations.

Fibreglass pole, 3,64 m overall height when deployed.

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55664 Telescopic IOR dan buoy Orange float

• 1 fibreglass telescopic dan buoy with 1/4 twist fastening.• 1 ergonomic and shockproof cylindrical PVC floatation buoy (height 360 mm, Ø 180 mm/80 mm).• 1 man-over-board red and yellow flag 480 x 330 mm.• 4 m of floating rope to attach to a lifebuoy.• 1built-in stainless steel ballast.• 1clip and lanyard to keep the flag rolled up.To obtain a dan buoy with light, simply add the optional light kit.When fitted, light is situated 2.30 m above the waterline. Powered by a 9 V battery.When the dan buoy is thrown into the water, the lanyard detaches the clip from the light, which then activates automatically the light.To fit the light to the dan buoy, simply push the bayonet fitting into the top of the dan buoy.