Tape 300

Hide the light fittings – illuminate the surroundings.

More light sources provide greater flexibility. However, to have a lot of lighting does not require large luminaires. With small light sources, you get a unique light that can be varied and adjusted as needed.

LED tape is a great way to enhance the mood and create a sense of a larger, more welcoming boat. The tape has an amount of small energy-efficient diodes, the length is adjustable and it can easily be mounted behind lists, bulkheads or along the floors to illuminate the surrounding environment and create a nice atmosphere.

Complete the LED Tape with a dimmer so the light can be varied according to the desired atmosphere, time of day or activity.

  • Easy to adjust to the desired length
  • Available in three different color temperatures
  • Dimmable
  • 350 lumen/meter
  • Power consumption 5W / meter.


Length 5000 mm
Width 8 mm
Height 2,5 mm
Light Soruce LED
Volt 12v
Power 5w
Lumen 350lm
CRI 94
Dimmable Yes
Can be shortened Yes