Seashore lifejacket

Designed for water striding, seashore fishing or angling or any activity done immersed in the water.
Features the air chamber of our Pilot 165 best-seller, integrated in an outer shell specifically tailored for an in-water activity that requires great agility.

Performance & recommended use Rated 100 N, 165 N actual buoyancy. Provides support all around the head, self-righting capacity.

Designed to be used immersed, ideal for :
• Water striding (shoreline hiking) : Seashore lifejacket designed in cooperation with French National School of Nautical Sports (ENVSN) and the water striding club of Larmor-Plage (local club located near Plastimo’s headquarters).
• Beach fishing and cockle-picking, wading, surfcasting or flyfishing in river streams or strong current.

• Short on chest with cutaway sides, rounded neck.
• Lightweight and ergonomic for a greater agility in the water.
• Adjustable belt fits waistline 60 to 130 cm.

Easy to operate
• Manual firing : designed to inflate only if the wearer activates the firing handle intentionally (or a person nearby who would see the wearer in a potentially dangerous situation).
• In case of emergency, just pull the green firing handle that will cause the air chamber to inflate and deploy.

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Performance featuresRated 100 N, actual buoyancy 165 N Manual firing only.Outer shell• Mesh textile material on the front to allow water drainage. Also facilitates fresh water rinsing and air drying.• Fluo green firing handle : easy to spot in order to make deployment instantaneous if necessary. Can be pulled by wearer or person nearby.• Fluo green loop in the neck to piggyback a person in a difficult condition.• 3 straps on both sides to secure safety or fishing equipment (safety knife, torch, extra pouch…).• Waistbelt : polypropylene buckle + 40 mm adjustable polyester strap (fits waistline 60 to 130 cm). 40 mm strap in the back helps keeping the lifejacket properly positioned when inflated.• Visibility : 2 reflective piping. Whistle on outer shell, accessible at all times even if lifejacket is not inflated.Air chamber• Yellow polyurethane, 165 N buoyancy (33 g CO2 bottle).• Visibility : strap to secure a flashlight + 100 cm² retro-reflective tapes.• Tube for oral inflation.