Racing antifouling

Self-polishing, ultimate performance, low friction.

For racing sailboats and fast motor cruisers, up to 40 Knots.

For all hull types : aluminium, polyester, steel and wood.

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Vibrant racing colours.• Provides optimum glide ratio, reduces friction and contributes to save fuel.• Sandable, suitable for drying berths.• Can be applied over standard antifoulings.• Very heavy fouling areas.• Coverage ratio 11.20 m² / Litre.• Temperature during application : +5° to +20°C.Plastimo antifouling : Making your choice is easy, protecting your hull is gratifying.

Features Hard antifouling. High performance,gradual polishing. Ultimate performance, self-polishing,very bright colours.
Recommended for Moderate fouling areas. Sail & Powerboats. High fouling areas. Sail & Powerboats. Very high fouling areas. Racing sailboats& fast motorcruisers.
Holding power Resists up to 70 knots anddrying berths/stranding. Resists up to 40 knots and drying berths/stranding. Resists up to 40 knots and drying berths/stranding.
Compatibility Good. Good. Good.
Hull Polyester, wood & steel. Polyester, wood & steel. Polyester, wood, steel & aluminium.
Suitable for fresh water X X XX
Suitable for mud berths X X XX
Colours as a guide only, as accurate as printing variations permit.Shades may vary slightly from the actual product. The manufacturer cannot be responsible for slight deviations.

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