Pump 925 and 1038 with telescopic handle

Plastimo bilge pumps have been designed in cooperation with boatowners and engineered by the Plastimo Research and Development team.
Bilge pump with telescopic handle, for efficient and more comfortable pumping. A version with By-Pass connector allows the connection of both a hand pump and an electric centrifugal on a single water circuit (Not suitable for a diaphragm or a flexible impeller electric pump).



Ref. Pump model
39539 Pump 925 without By-Pass
53058 Pump 925 with By-Pass
39541 Pump 1038 without By-Pass
53059 Pump 1038 with By-Pass


Pump model Pump 925without By-Pass Pump 925with By-Pass Pump 1038without By-Pass Pump 1038with By-Pass
Ref. 39539 53058 39541 53059
Output 0.9 litre per cycle 1 litre per cycle
Capacity, as per ISO 15083 standard(45 strokes per minute, with a 10 kPA depression) 40.5 litres/minute 40.5 litres/minute
Weight 0.920 kg 1.050 kg 0.920 kg 1.050 kg
Hose Ø Ø 25 mm (1″) Ø 38 mm (1 ½ “)
Supplied with : 2 elbow fittings with valve (inlet & outlet)