AC/DC battery chargers from 40A to 150A. The powerful solution for yachts and super-yachts (offshore yachting), for commercial and military vessels, offshore platforms and other industrial applications. More than 25 000 units sold worldwide.

Super User-Friendly
Since 2019, all PRO units include TOUCHVIEW, the best HMI on the market, as standard equipment. For a perfect battery monitoring experience

Super Connected
All PRO TOUCH Chargers are smart, “open” devices with standard CANbus J1939 interface. They are also NMEA-Ready (NMEA2000 option is available from one unit). All PRO TOUCH Chargers can therefore be connected to any modern onboard system

Safe & Transparent
All PRO TOUCH Chargers feature an integrated Control Panel which displays the charging curve and will warn you of any alarms (temperature, voltage, fuses issues)

PRO TOUCH chargers deliver full power even at very high temperatures (up to 50°C/122°F). This “no derating” feature is quite unique on the market. These models are configured with automatic (115V/230V and 50Hz/60Hz) switchover, except for three versions (24V/80A, 24V/100A and 48V/50A) which exclusively feature 230V

With their marinized circuit boards, our PRO TOUCH Chargers are specifically designed for sustained commercial use and tough environment. They come in a solid, 100% high-grade aluminum casing.

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8 version(s) available

  • 12V 90A 115/230VRef : 399450

  • 24V 40A 115/230VRef : 399460

  • 24V 60A 115/230VRef : 399470

  • 24V 80A 230VRef : 399477

  • 24V 100A 230VRef : 399480

  • 24V 150A 230VRef : 399186

  • 24V 150A 230/400VRef : 399187

  • 48V 50A 230VRef : 399500