Premium Series

AC/DC battery chargers from 10A to 60A. Over 75000 units sold worldwide. The perfect choice for sailboats and other pleasure craft for all coastal yachting activities. Safe, robust and efficient. Just Plug and Play.

Ultra-strong connectors
DOLPHIN PREMIUM chargers feature rock-solid, industrial-type connectors and super-easy « plug-and-play » wiring.

Super-safe and reliable
DOLPHIN PREMIUM chargers deliver full power (no derating) even at high temperatures (up to 50°C/122°F). They come in a very robust and compact casing.

100% compatible
DOLPHIN PREMIUM chargers will work with any battery on the market.

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7 version(s) available12V 10A 230VRef : 399000

12V 15A 230VRef : 399010

12V 25A 115/230VRef : 399020

12V 40A 115/230VRef : 399030

24V 20A 115/230VRef : 399040

12V 60A 115/230VRef : 399050

24V 30A 115/230VRef : 399060