Pinto, White/White, Switch


Båtsystem’s new VV light source has two modes. The first mode provides a warm, golden light (2400K) which creates a cozy atmosphere onboard. Switch off the lamp and then switch it back on again and it will instead shine with a bright white light (3000K), perfect as general lighting.

The same light source allows for two different types of lighting, which makes it easy to create the perfect atmosphere for all occasions. If you are using a Båtsystem dimmer, you can dim the light in both modes to increase or decrease the intensity of the light. This makes it even easier to create the perfect lighting and atmosphere onboard! The light source is available for our Nova-, Pinto-, Corona-, and Vega series and available for 8-30V.

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Light Soruce LED
Volt 8-30V
Power 2w
Lumen 40/150lm
CRI >80/90
IP 54
Switch No