Retracting hydraulic gangways for yachts and  superyachts.

Bestseller in the medium-sized range, the PI 692 Young gangway is available in 5 lengths ranging from 220 cm to 340 cm with an aluminum housing box with a minimum encombrace (H 175 cm) and automatic hatch.
Boarding is facilitated by the presence of automatic stanchions with rope and the teak platform with non-slip inserts.
The structure in polished or painted stainless steel has two telescopic sections and in some models it has the initial carriage extension for overcoming the step and it moves forward the inclination point.

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Technical data

Technical data

• Retractable telescopic gangway, double stage, with automatic function for retraction/extension, telescoping and elevation• Structure made in polished or powder coated stainless steel• Solid boardwalk made in teak with anti-skid inserts• Carriage extension available to overcome the steps• Aluminium housing box with automatic hatch• Housing box not watertight• Mounting brackets included• Automatic rope handrail• Manual pump for emergency• Remote and touchpad panel remote control to operate from the cockpit• Lengths available from 220 to 340 cm.