Performance antifouling

Gradual polishing with controlled depletion.

For sail and power boats, up to 40 Knots.

For polyester, steel and wood hulls (do not apply on aluminium).

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Smooth aspect and excellent glide ration, reduces friction and contributes to save fuel.• Suitable for drying berths.• Can be applied over standard antifoulings.• Heavy fouling areas.• Coverage ratio 8.80 m² / Litre.• Temperature during application : +5° to +20°C.
Plastimo antifouling : Making your choice is easy, protecting your hull is gratifying.

Features Hard antifouling. High performance, gradual polishing. Ultimate performance, self-polishing,very bright colours.
Recommended for Moderate fouling areas. Sail & Powerboats.  High fouling areas. Sail & Powerboats. Very high fouling areas. Racing sailboats &fast motorcruisers.
Holding power Resists up to 70 knots anddrying berths/stranding. Resists up to 40 knots anddrying berths/stranding. Resists up to 40 knots anddrying berths/stranding.
Compatibility Good. Good. Good.
Hull Polyester, wood & steel.  Polyester, wood & steel.  Polyester, wood, steel & aluminium.
Suitable for fresh water X X XX
Suitable for mud berths X X XX
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