Mini-B Olympic compass

For small sailboats (less than 9 m / 30 ft).

Mini-B Olympic : for sailboats, features 3 lubber lignes.

No drilling in the deck is required : the binnacle is simply secured with 3 screws.
The compass cell can be removed instantly with one single twist, for quick storage and security.



Model Colour Card Ref. Balanced for
MINI-B OLYMPIC BLACK Red flat card 17233 Zone A *
MINI-B OLYMPIC BLACK Red flat card 20161 Zone B **
MINI-B OLYMPIC BLACK Red flat card 20164 Zone C ***
  * Zone A : North Hemisphere (standard production)**Zone B : South Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Central Pacific, Tahiti, Reunion Island.***Zone C : South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia.


  • Apparent card diameter : 90 mm.
  • Mobile lubber lines..
  • Card pivot mounted on shock absorber.
  • Optional compensation available.