Iris 50 handbearing compass

An iconic product in the Plastimo range, the Iris 50 is the highly dependable companion of yachtsmen, regatta addicts and top-notch racers worldwide.
Handbearing and traditional compass : regularly praised by technical press and prestigious skippers alike, as the most reliable, sturdy and handy handbearing compass.

Shockproof, waterproof and sandproof : initially designed for regatta racing, it is also a precise and precious companion when trekking or hiking.



Model Colour Ref. Balanced for
IRIS 50 Blue 63870 Zone A-B
IRIS 50 Yellow 63871 Zone A-B
IRIS 50 Army green 63873 Zone A-B
IRIS 50 Orange 63599 Zone A-B
IRIS 50 Sand 63603 Zone A-B
IRIS 50 Blue 21809 Zone C
IRIS 50 Yellow 24049 Zone C
IRIS 50 Army green 38181 Zone C
IRIS 50 Orange 63600 Zone C
IRIS 50 Sand 63604 Zone C
Zone A-B : North Hemisphere, South Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Central Pacific, Tahiti, Reunion Island.Zone C : South Pacific, Central & South Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia.


Two functions : handbearing and traditional compass.• Graduation : every 1°.• Field of view : 20°.• Clearance : ±12°.• Built-in photoluminescent lighting.• Red lubber lines.• Weight : 105 g.Handbearing and traditional compassGood protection against hard knocks : the smooth finish feels soft in your hand, and it will not slip, even if it is wet.Outstanding legibility of the card, with one-degree graduations.No parallax error : a prism projects the reading of the bearing to infinity. This also contributes to a more comfortable operation, as you do not need to alternate close-reading to read the card and infinite-reading to take bearings.Optimum conditions to take bearings, thanks to the superb card stability and the wide 20° field of view, which will accommodate the roughest sea conditions.Most accurate bearing : the pivot and very hard stone are a guarantee of long life and shock resistance of your compass.Soft bottom cell : engineered using ultra-sonic welding, it acts like an expansion diaphragm, preventing the formation of bubbles and leaks.Built-in photoluminescent lighting, completely maintenance-free, impervious to corrosion, operates without batteries or radio-active tritium.Course reading from above the compass : you can read your compass like a standard compass, with no need to look through the prism.
Military and field compass applications : Army green (ref. 63873) and Sand (63603) models are available on special request with MILS graduation. Graduation in MILS + MILS :. Direct reading every 400 MIL. Reading through prism every 200 MIL.