Inflatable gangway

Rigid for comfort and safety, infoatable for easy storage and carrying.
Generous dimensions for optimum safety : 70 cm wide x 2.5 m long.

Moteur Boat Magazine, January 2020 : “Very clever, this inflatable gangway, developed by Plastimo R&D, stands out for little space required on board, lightweight and exceptional rigidity when inflated. As extra feature, it can also be used as a stand-up paddle !”

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Longer and wider than most traditional rigid gangways, the Plastimo inflatable model is also more versatile : it becomes a swimming platform or a paddle board if you add the fins.Combining both functions of safety equipement when docking and water fun inflatable board, it adapts to all water crafts that require a gangway.

  • Generous dimensions for optimum safety : 70 cm wide vs. 40 cm approx. with most classic rigid gangways,2.5 m long vs. 2 m to 2.2 m usually with traditional models.
  • Maximum capacity / load : 200 kg
  • Anti-slip surface on top
  • Wide rubbing strake
  • 4 stainless steel D rings : one at each angle to secure the board whatever the environment, either as a gangway or as a platform.
  • 1 grabline on each side to facilitate boarding
  • Halkey-Roberts type inflation valve
  • Integrated manometer to check pressure instantly :Green = gangway can be used safelyRed = gangway is under-inflated, pressure must be topped up with high pressure pump.