Ice Maker Low Profile

The well-known marine grade stainless steel design and the absolute performance features creat a new Ice Maker unit, which can be easily located in small spaces; especially where the major constraint is the height of the device. Thanks to the condensing unit positioned on the back, the installation space required is minimal, allowing easy product fitting in areas where standard units are normally not compatible (under seats zones). The stainless steel flush flange allows its perfect fitting with the system ventilation (intake and exhaust) from the front only, in spite of a total recess of the unit. The high efficiency condenser and airflow conveyor are permitting the Ice Maker Low Profile to be certified as ST class (operation granted up to +38°C).

My advantages

  • Production capacity: 8 kgs. ice cubes per day
  • Reliable white ice technology
  • Power installed 115V 60Hz or 230V 50 Hz
  • Refrigerated cabinet to store and maintain frozen ice cubes.
Technical details

Technical details

Volume (l) 12
Power consumption (W) 180 W
DimensionsH x W x D (mm) 475 x 375 x 630
Weight (kg) 26