Hydraulic Platform PL

Hydraulic systems studied for the handling of water-toys and tenders.

The platform handling systems are designed to manage the hauling and launching of tenders and hulls from 600 kg up to 2 or more tons of weight.
The pantograph or vertical sliding movement of the attachment arms of the aft platform allows the platform to descend below the water level.
The passivated and / or electropolished stainless steel structure is completely customizable and supplied complete with hydraulic cylinders and flow control valve.
With this custom made product we aim to facilitate, simplify and rationalize the operations necessary to allow the crew to optimally manage this technical phase and ensure the owner all the necessary tranquility and safety, especially since it can be managed by a single operator.

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Technical data

Technical data

• Swim platform hydraulic system• Passivated and electro-polishedstainless steel structure• Predisposed for anti fouling treatment (provided by the customer)• Lifting capacity from 600 up to 1200 kg ( custom solutions available for increased capacity)• Stainless steel cylinders• Pantograph movement of the arms• Synchronized movements of the arms with fl ow divisor• Connecting bar for the synchronism, adjustable• Zinc anodes and wires for electrical continuity• Locking system with safety hooks included on model 1200 kg or more lifting capacityPLEASE NOTE : The lifting capacity must be considered inclusive of the weight of the platform and the tender with engineand with a full load. The static support of the arms is intended for loads positioned at the center of the B / E.