G 340 – G 341

Hydraulic crane for flybridge.

Hydraulic slewing crane for flybridge with telescopic or fixed  boom and round base with fiberglass cowling. The lifting capacity is 400 kg and the slewing can be 180° or 270°. Powder coated stainless steel structure  and counterweight with rubber inserts for cable tension.Manual pump for emergency.

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Lifting capacity 400 kg

Lifting capacity 400 kg

Hydraulic slewing crane for flybridge with telescopicor fixed boom• Lifting Capacity 400 kg• Powder coated stainless steel structure• Round base with fiberglass cowling• Hydraulic movement for rotation, boom extension,luffing and hoisting cable• Slewing 180° ÷ 270°• Counterweight with rubber inserts for cable tension• Manual retaining system for cable weight whilst cruising• Water resistant handheld wired control• Manual pump for emergency.