Floating gangway, fiberglass/polypropylene

TPC gangway

TPC gangway is based on thermoplastic composite material refered as material ofthe future. This unique material allows TPC gangway to finally subsitute low cost wooden boards. TPC gangways are made for charter abuse envriroment making them best solution for lightweight, floatable and durable gangway o the market.

Why POLYMER Gangways?

Years of innovations in marine gangways in combination with being sector leaders, forced us to develop simplified access solution that will substitute heavy wooden gangways.



Simplified solution
Nonfoldable versions only possible
Antislip surface guarantees safe access to your boat
Soft plastic (rubber that leaves no mark) edges serves as mounting fittings & edge protectors – are replacable after worn off
Closed technology gives POLYMER gangway floatability
All materials are UV protected


Design customization (boat name, logo, etc) – full gangway size
Extra replacable edges
Boat railing storage fixture (see accessories)

Technical data

Technical data

Length 220 cm (non foldable) 245 cm (non foldable) CUSTOM
Width 37 cm 37 cm 37 cm/custom
Weight 8,5 kg 10,5 kg Upon request
Load capacity 250 kg
Color Grey/black