Electric diaphragm pump, for bilge, livewell and waste waters

12 or 24 V self-priming pumps, specifically designed to drain the bilge, livewell, heads, shower or sink. No filter is needed ; pump can therefore operate with no risk of seizing up the outlet pipes. These pumps also allow the temporary storage of waste water in a tank (see WC). Specially designed for the boaters’ needs, the electric motor features low power consumption. It is easy to mount in 2 positions (horizontal or vertical) and oriented in 8 different directions. This adds flexibility, especially when installing the pump in a small volume area.



Model Ref. Voltage Consumption
Built-in outlets 18556 12 V 6 Amp.
Screw-on outlets* 18561 12 V 6 Amp.
Built-in outlets 18557 24 V 3 Amp.
Screw-on outlets* 18562 24 V 3 Amp.
* Choice of outlets : straight or elbow (see options).


The electric bilge and waste pumps feature the same advantages as the manual pump, i.e. : choice of outlets (18561 and 18562 models), quick release inspection lid for added safety.

  • Open flow : 35 L/min
  • Hose Ø: 38 mm
  • Weight : 3.5 kg
  • Fuse : max 20 Amp on 12 V, 10 Amp on 24 V pump