Double output DC/DC Booster

Double output DC/DC Booster
Our new double output DC/DC booster has been designed to comply with new Euro 6 and Euro 7 alternators for recreational and special vehicles.
This unique product (patent pending) is E-marked according ECE R10.

Boost your charge!
Thanks to a unique double output, you will boost your charge capacity for your service battery and power supply your fridge or heater at the same time!

Boost your manufacturing process!
Thanks to industrial « Plug-and-Play » connectors we help you to reduce installation time, help operator to avoid mistakes and increase reliability!

Boost your stock management!
Our unique product is compatible with most of battery technologies (including lithium), refrigerators (compressor or absorption ) and more power is available thanks to parallel operation….

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3 version(s) available

DC/DC 12V25/18A Double outputRef : 399230

DC/DC 12V25/18A Double output smartRef : 399233

DC/DC 12V40/18A Double output smartRef : 399235