Chain stopper

Chain stopper 12-13-14 mm normal chain

Chain stopper is designed to be used with the chain sizes 12-13-14-16mm ISO4565 / DIN766 chains
This model provides an increased safety by blocking the anchor chain
AISI 3 16L Stainless Steel.

Available for:

SX3.5-Vertical Windlass
SX5-Vertical Windlass
Ercole Vertical-Vertical Windlass
Falkon-Horizontal Windlass
Titan-Horizontal Windlass
Ercole-Horizontal Windlass
Super Ercole-horizontal Windlass

*The chain line needs to be parallel to the chain stopper.



The chain stopper is installed between the windlass and the bow roller in order to take the load off the windlass, either when the yacht is anchored or tensioning the anchor chain when the anchor is stowed. Windlasses which have two gypsies or a gypsy and a drum, need the chain stopper in order to isolate the one gypsy and either work with the other gypsy or with the drum.