Articulated RIB fender

A clever solution created by the Plastimo R & D, specifically adapted to rigid inflatable boats or any boat with a rounded hull.

Rotomoulded construction, UV protected, blue or white colour.

Comes with 1 m Ø 5 mm rope.

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Ref. Colour
66875 Black 15 x 60 cm
66428 Black 12 x 48 cm
66780 White 15 x 60 cm
66345 White 12 x 48 cm
66786 Blue 15 x 60 cm
66346 Blue 12 x 48 cm


A traditional fender will tilt away from the hull and may eventually slip above or below, whereas the articulated RIB fender follows the curves of the hull and remains in the right position to protect the boat efficiently.