AquaT Manual Marine Toilets

Marine – Recreational / Marine Toilets

Incorporates an ergonomically designed, hand-powered piston pump that can be mounted for either left-hand or right-hand use. Available in three models: Super Compact, Compact and Comfort.

AquaT manually operated marine toilets can be installed in both power and sailing craft, either above or below the waterline, for use on sea, river, lake or canal.



Priced competitively, the fine finish and design of these toilets is remarkable. Made from white vitreous porcelain, with corrosion resistant parts, the AquaT marine toilet is quiet, robust and easy to clean.It is probably fair to think of most toilets as commonplace products, but one look at the features and you are sure to see that the AquaT is far from ordinary.Quiet, hygienic and reliable, the AquaT marine toilet is perfect for almost any marine toilet room.Available in three models:

  • Comfort bowl with a larger comfortable oval seat
  • Compact bowl with a round seat – when installation space is limited
  • Super Compact bowl – smaller and lighter bowl, requiring less space


Design Features

  • Flexible hole pattern on the base, for easy substitution with the most common toilets on the market
  • Reversible pump mounting allows re-assembly for left hand operation by installer
  • Self-priming, double acting piston pump
  • Piston rod guide in brass for increased service life
  • Strong swirl action for efficient flushing
  • Smooth design for easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Spring assisted top valve closure for easier priming
  • Constant 38mm (1 1/2″) bore waste path minimizes blockages
  • Double check-valves at full 38mm (1 1/2″) bore prevent back flow
  • Multi-angle outlet for various installations
  • Accessible mounting points for faster installation
  • Standard fastenings, logic located, no need for special tools
  • Double sealed base plug for winter drain and easy cleaning access



  • Soft closing, durable and hygienic plastic seats made of polypropylene
  • Hygienic white ceramic bowl for ease of cleaning
  • Pump and base molded in ABS or polypropylene, stainless steel fastenings, brass weights and neoprene seals and gaskets


Part numbers

Part. nr. Description
80-47625-01 AquaT Toilet Manual Super Compact
80-47229-01 AquaT Toilet Manual Compact
80-47230-01 AquaT Toilet Manual Comfort




Part. nr. Description Net weight A B C D E F mm/ inch
80-47625-01 AquaT Toilet Manual Super Compact 8.5 kg 340 605 300 400 215 460 mm
19 lbs 13.39 23.82 11.81 15.75 8.46 18.11 inch
80-47229-01 AquaT Toilet Manual Compact 8.3 kg 340 650 350 400 215 455 mm
18 lbs 13.39 25.59 13.78 15.75 8.46 17.91 inch
80-47230-01 AquaT Toilet Manual Comfort 11 kg 365 725 330 470 250 465 mm
24 lbs 14.37 28.54 12.99 18.50 9.84 18.31 inch
Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Part No. Description
81-47241-04 Soft Close Plastic Seat Compact Toilet
81-47241-07 Soft Close Plastic Seat Comfort Toilet
81-47242-01 Gasket Kit (all gaskets for Manual)
81-47243-01 Plastic Base with Tap and Ring (Manual)
81-47244-01 Plastic handle kit (Manual)
81-47246-01 Intake elbow – inlet pipe complete (Manual and Silent Electric)
81-47246-02 Outlet elbow – outlet pipe complete (Manual and Silent Electric)
81-47268-01 Base Gasket Kit (Manual)
81-47269-01 Flush Handle kit (Manual)
81-47640-01 Intake elbow Flush 90° Flexible